The basic concept of edging and leg movement for improvement of ski

Hi everyone who loves ski crazily.

At several steps in improvement for skiing,
it looks any misunderstanding in the way to learn technic
from various media or instructor・・・

These explanation are exactly the same meaning although through
different word and expression from different approach.

basic position

I would like to explain into my theory at a stage for prior to basic position,
i.e. wedge stance

I explain about basic ski control way of bending legs,
edging and appropriate position.

1. Edging

①Open stance

②To lean

③Pull away ski from body

④To release edging

2. How to bend leg

①Direction of bending joint

②Angle of shank

3. Position


②Mountain side

③Down hill side

1. Edging

Do you know how to edge on the snow surface?
To learn how to edge basically is equal to understand ski essentially,
not only understanding but also actual practicing.

After clearing up, it may close your goal.

I think it comes almost to understand how to edging is
related with adjustment of edging.

Furthermore, by understanding a part of edging is understanding to ski.

①Open stance

Chart 1.

As Chart 1, edging is possible by just open stance

Chart 2.

As Chart 2, when standing on the slope,
you can skid at closed stance toward

the valley but it is impossible to stand in no edge keep open stance.

Additionally the more open stance, the more edging sharply.

Chart 3.

As Chart 3, for also the wedge stance by the same token.

②To lean

Chart 4.

As Chart 4. When you stand on the slope, edging is
performed due to keep lean.

Chart 5.

Chart 5 shows to keep standing vertical against forth of gravity but lean against slope.

When you can stand in vertical against slope,
ski is beginning to skid in a downward direction.

On the other hand, if you can leap inside deeply,
similarly edging becomes deep.

Please remember in the long turn, when you could lean inside deeply,
edging is also deeply.

③Take the ski away from body.

When standing perpendicular to the slope, the ski lie just under the body.

The position mean to close the body and to be away
from the position is also edge become sharpen.

Item 1: The ski is away from body by open stance.

Item 2: The ski is away from body by leaning.

Chart 6.

Chart 6 shows edging is the more lean the more sharp and ski is away from body.

In the view Chart 3, it shows same system as the above in wedge stance.

④To release edging

1. Edging can be released by closed stance.

2. Edging can be released by standing body in vertical on the slope.

3. Edging can be released by setting neutral position.

2. How to bend legs

Incorrect bending makes inefficiency of power transfer,
and there is any risk of injured caused by added pressure to body joint.

①Direction of joint bending

Skiing used to use knee bending direction.
The crotch can bend like bow and open from side to side.

Additionally, it is possible rotating.

Knee can bend like crouch down.

Ankle can bend like the shank is inclining forward.

Basically body joint can bend like this.

However as common case knee is bended to right and left against
back and forward.

You can watch and recognize famous skier can bend knee to right and left, but actually

They bend knee to back and forward.

This is false feeling.

Chart 7.

You should bend the knee to forward not inside direction when Snow plough turn.

If the knee bend to inside, power is inefficient and no grip on the snow.

Chart 8.

In parallel turn, many skier can’t help but bending knee to inside in need to edging, but

this edging is inefficient for power transmission and knee is damaged caused by stressed.

② Angle of shank

Chart 9.

It is the best for the angle of shank to be same inclination as upper body.

To become relax ankle is upper body move to back which is called backward positon.

So, it is needed to keep blocking knee bending.

The point for bending knee is, not to press shank to the boots tongue.

Too much press shank to the boots tongue is weight over to the front
of the boots and become too much forward inclination.

To release pressing shank is to become backward-leaning position.

That is really impossible to set correct position
on the ski but also to control.

So, to keep blocking knee bending is most important.

3. Body balance

As body balance is deeply related how to edge,
I would like to explain the process when turning.


①To stand in vertical for slope

When you stand in vertical for the slope, the ski is parallel
for the slope and edging position is released.

Chart 11

When neutral position, the body stands in vertical for
the slope and edging is released.

It shows the process to release end of the turn and
forward to beginning of the turn.

②The mountain side for the slope

Chart 12

When the body would be leaned for the slope, edging is set.

To prevent of improve ski technique is keeping the body
always stands mountain side.

Keeping stands mountain side is to ski only end
of the turn and it is not good because

the ski top seems to stop.

Extremely the body kept the mountain side, the skier can’t skid.

In order to move turning smoothly, to make vertical position on the slope.

③Down side of the slope

Chart 13

When beginning of the turn, skier have to stand downward of ski.

Leaning to downward for the slope, it can be edging.

It is possible to control by edging in beginning of the turn.


All skier can improve to ski by understanding
how to move the body in the turn phase.

At the same time there is decrease to misunderstanding
on watching DVD and taking lesson.

I think that basic concept of edging is almost the same as
beginner and expert skier.

The most important is how use and release edging and
skidding on the turn phase.


ターンでエッジング・のる・力をかける意識はあるが 元に戻す意識はありますか?

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